A God of Another Chance

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For this we thank the God of the second chance. Accept His grace. Be filled with gratitude.

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Make a commitment to developing a heart of praise. Leave your pity party behind. Develop a thankful heart.

"The God of Another Chance" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (2 Peter 3:8-9)

I recently reconnected with an old friend, Brad, who had mentored me in some early years in my ministry. Several years ago Brad had stepped away from ministry and then revealed that he had failed morally, and an affair cost him his marriage, his reputation, and his ministry. For a while he continued to make poor choices, and as he did so he realized his misery continued to grow. Finally, he stopped running from God. He realized the mess his choices had landed him in.

And he simply began, very humbly, to do what God said. He confessed all his sins. He begged forgiveness from all he had hurt with his actions. He began to see a Christian therapist, and he submitted himself to three pastors and another older, mature Christian leader. Working together, they became his restoration team. They met together weekly over the course of 18 months for study, for accountability, for counsel, and for prayer. His ex-wife recently called and forgave Brad for the hurt he had caused her and the family.

When do we need a second chance? When we have neglected our responsibilities. Jonah ,3 Jonah was guilty of knowing what to do but refusing to do it. He wanted to get as far away as he could from the work he knew no one else could do but him.

Why should God let you into Heaven?

Many times, neglecting responsibilities rob us of many blessings. When we are sleeping when people are in danger. Jonah ,6 Running from God often wears one out more than following God. Jonah had to be exhausted to sleep through such a fierce storm. He was asleep both physically and spiritually.

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We often joke about people falling asleep in a church service, but it is not humorous when we are asleep spiritually. Our enemy never sleeps. Jonah When you and I follow a wrong path, chances are, someone is watching and following. Example: John When you act foolishly a weaker person could be watching and could be changed for the worst.

It was supposed to be an honor, but they prayed and these warriors brought his son back.

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There [are] problems everywhere. But this was a family that was fulfilled. They were living an adventure most of us can only dream about. And I laughed so hard. Virgil Adams was not a comedian, but he was living life the way God meant it to be lived. He told about how there was a tendency for him to believe that he was smarter and somehow superior to the people he was trying to minister to and he had to fight that. They would hold their hands on their nose like this and blow the entire contents of their nose into their hand.

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And then on the bare skin of their leg, they would rub that until it turned hard and then they would flick it off their leg. How much more socially aware and developed I am. And he said one day he was out with some of the proudest warriors there were and they were walking along a trail and he had the urge to blow his nose.

So, he took out his handkerchief and he blew his nose and when he finished blowing his nose, he looked and the men who were walking with him—the warriors—had stopped. And they were in a small group whispering. Why are you not walking with me? Listen to me, friends. When this awesome, marvelous God whispers in your ear, it is not to lead you to destruction. Our culture has it all backwards.

Laughter I was afraid of all the thrill He would take out of my life. Do you know what almost 60 years of living has taught me? Only with God, does thrill come to life. Only with God, does fulfillment come to life. Everything else leaves you stranded on the beach, feeling cheap. Listen for God.

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He may call you to take the first step to resolve a conflict in your home. God may call you to finally turn over to Him some habit or routine that is systematically destroying your life.

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He may call you to give beyond your wildest imagination. You gotta listen when He calls. I have wonderful children. Laughter But I have just these marvelous children. Chuckling The truth of the matter is, my children often teach me more about following the Lord and what it means to trust Him, than I ever taught them.

When God Gives You a Second Chance (Part 1 of 2) - Focus on the Family

We were driving from Knoxville back to Nashville, TN where we live. And we pulled into a gas station in order to fill up with gas, which is the reasonable thing you do. And so, she took the initiative to get out and put her credit card in the machine and begin filling up the gas tank. Parked one spot over from us was a young woman and she was dealing with some problems with her car. In fact, it was a van and it had three or four children in it. And she had the hood up and I found out by talking to her, that her van had been leaking transmission fluid all across the United States.

She had started in the north part of the country in Michigan. She was headed for Florida and she had to stop about every hundred miles to put new transmission fluid in this thing. The car manufacturers make the place that you put the transmission fluid in, inaccessible. You cannot get to it. And so, I stopped to help her. I went inside and I bought a little funnel and I helped her get this transmission fluid in her car.

And I went back to the car. Go ahead, God. We got in the car. We pulled away and my daughter, bless her heart, had forgotten to take the nozzle out of the Laughter gas tank.

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So, when we pulled away, that hose was like a rubber band, stretched to its limit. And then it let go and it just flung everywhere.

A God of Another Chance A God of Another Chance
A God of Another Chance A God of Another Chance
A God of Another Chance A God of Another Chance
A God of Another Chance A God of Another Chance
A God of Another Chance A God of Another Chance

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