Christians in the Firing Line

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What if Jesus did not rise from the dead? What would happen to Judaism and Christianity? In the nearly 2, years since his crucifixion, countless acts of love and terrible acts of hate have been carried out in his name. But even as the story endures, it continues to change. Tonight, Bob Brown takes you back to Jerusalem in search of the real Easter story.

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This was the root of the Holocaust. The article, written by Jeffery L. Sheler, reports that some scholars suggest that since St. Paul did not actually write many of the letters in the Bible that are attributed to him. While Lynn Neary simply interviewed Crossan about his beliefs on the resurrection, the segment did give him quite a platform from which to present his heterodox views.

Professor Marcus Borg Oregon State University was one of these men who says the resurrection was only symbolic. He was given a good deal more time than N. It is blasphemous the way we have stripped Jesus of His manhood. Sorry to vent.

The Line of Fire | Your Voice of Moral, Cultural, and Spiritual Revolution

They think it's a place where soldiers go to stand and be shot at. That somehow Jesus is glorified when His soldiers passively stand by and allow themselves to be pin-cushions for the enemy. No wonder the Devil is eating out lunch. It refers to formation from which soldiers launched attacks on the enemy.

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In the days of single-shot rifles, or even bow and arrows, the firing line was the manner in which soldiers took turns shooting at the enemy. Both God and the Devil work through men. The weaponry is offensive.

No team every gained victory by merely playing defense. The church is supposed to. The Kingdom is designed to advance. Violate is the root word of violence. They are not violent men. They refuse to fight for what rightfully belongs to the Lord.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: ‘Church in firing line’

Overcome evil with good. Boy, what a concept. You mean good actually triumphs over evil? Is it possible that an active, engaged, uncompromising church could have an impact on the culture?

That victory in Jesus is more than just pie-in-the-sky-in-the-great-by-and-by? The possibility of victory here and now can revolutionize the way you serve Jesus. Look at what happened in the recent election. There is no doubt that Obama administration and their henchmen are evil. Having betrayed the Jewish people so shamefully 80 years ago, the British people themselves are now feeling betrayed by the same parliament. Is there perhaps a connection?

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As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head. In Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston actually ordered a naval blockade in response to an Easter anti-Semitic outrage in Athens involving a British subject. Rioting had broken out after the Greek government banned the traditional burning of an effigy of Judas Iscariot in apparent deference to a wealthy British Jew, Lord Rothschild, who was in the country to discuss offering a loan. Some saw sending the navy as a cynical attempt to settle other scores with the Greek government, but Palmerston was also a key figure in early political moves designed to facilitate the restoration of Israel.

Tragically, it seems that Britain is now playing the role of Judas, the betrayer of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, turning on their own Christians in a bid to silence those holding to the truth of the Gospel and the commandments of God which have been recklessly jettisoned by the government. The Christian Legal Centre is now getting four or five distress calls a week from Christians who have their job security threatened for referring to their biblical beliefs.

Christians in the Firing Line Christians in the Firing Line
Christians in the Firing Line Christians in the Firing Line
Christians in the Firing Line Christians in the Firing Line
Christians in the Firing Line Christians in the Firing Line
Christians in the Firing Line Christians in the Firing Line

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