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The courage of this husband and father is a constant reminder of how much some sacrifice for exercising universal rights. There is the will of the people; the resolve of the political class; the courage of the media; and the authority of the courts. Courage , one recalls, is not the absence of fear but the ability to act in the face of it. But his courage was at last put to a test of which he had never dreamed. More than any other it represents difficulties mastered, resources combined, labour, courage and patience.

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It had to be done, though, and it seemed a good opportunity for testing your courage , so I asked you to come with me. She told me to be quiet and have courage and all would be well and that I must get well as fast as possible. In addition to the idiom beginning with courage. Ponyboy Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions.


Words related to courage fearlessness , spunk , grit , daring , endurance , tenacity , audacity , heroism , determination , firmness , prowess , valor , fortitude , spirit , bravery , gallantry , nerve , backbone , intrepidity , power. Idioms for courage have the courage of one's convictions , to act in accordance with one's beliefs, especially in spite of criticism.


Courage and being brave is not about blindly rushing in, but thinking about it and then doing it anyway if it is necessary. Acting courageously generally makes us feel good, because it involves mastering emotions.

The very fact that we celebrate courage so much tells us that it is a very human activity. Courage also helps us to act against those who threaten, or who act in a bad way. The Western world has traditionally revered bravery for itself; success is not necessary if courage is shown.

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The celebration of bravery as an end in itself is seen in the celebration in the UK of Robert Falcon Scott, a man who not only failed in his mission to get to the South Pole first, but died on the way back, along with three of his team. Spectacular failure, but unmistakeable courage: he and they knew the risks, yet chose to go ahead with their expedition anyway. Fear and overconfidence are generally viewed as undesirable emotions. They make us feel bad, either at the time or afterwards. Being afraid tells you when you are concerned that you may not survive something.

However, as our page on Managing Emotions points out, your emotional response may not be rational. It is almost certainly linked to memory, perhaps a past experience, or something you may have read. Courage gives us the strength to evaluate an emotional response fear and act rationally and rightly.

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Confidence gives us the power to act on our convictions, have faith in ourselves or in others, and take action. Over-confidence however, means that we may be too ready to take action, and take unnecessary risks.

Confidence feels good, and so does over-confidence. To help to identify and overcome over-confidence, questions to ask yourself include:. Answering these questions rationally, and not with bravado, will help you to evaluate whether you are feeling rightly confident, or over-confident. It is important to know whether you tend to suffer from fear or over-confidence, so that you can work on how to overcome that weakness, ensuring that you act courageously, and not either be overcome by your fears or take unnecessary risks because of over-confidence.

Aristotle suggested that those who tend towards fear should think through how they can practise greater confidence, and those who tend towards risky behaviour should consider how they can learn greater respect for the real risks and dangers of a situation. How will I feel when I look back on this?

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Will I feel that I have acted in accordance with my values? If the answer to the question is that you will be comfortable that you have done what is right, and is consistent with your values, then that is a good way to act.

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Crucially, try not to let your emotions, whether fear or over-confidence, get the better of you, but think rationally about what you want to do, and what is the right thing to do in the situation. Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence. Learn more about emotional intelligence and how to effectively manage personal relationships at home, at work and socially.

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