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Bar Bites. Fall Bourbons. Jump Cocktails. Bottled Beer. Import Bud Light, U. Maison Selby Wit, Ontario 8.

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Lost Craft Revivale, Ontario 9. Collective Arts Seasonal Tap, Ontario 9. Ambroise IPA, Quebec 9. Stella Artois, Belgium 9. Closing Bell. Join us from 4pm — late in the bar Fall Bourbons.

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Four Roses bourbon, Campari, cassis, sweet vermouth, strawberry maraschino. Tanqueray gin, apricot cordial, lavender, lemon, soda. El Dorado 3 Year Old rum, muddled blueberries, yuzu, mint. Careers Learn more about current job opportunities at Jump. Share your experience at Jump and follow us here: Instagram Facebook. Subscribe to our newsletter. Contact 18 Wellington St. Hours Monday to Friday — ampm Saturday — 5pmpm Sunday — available for private events. Privacy Policy Accessibility.

Reserve Call Directions. To form an opinion or judgment hastily: jump to conclusions. To make a sudden verbal attack; lash out: jumped at me for being late. To undergo a sudden and pronounced increase: Prices jumped in October. To rise suddenly in position or rank: jumped over two others with more seniority. To change discontinuously or after a short period: jumps from one subject to another; jumped from one job to another. To be displaced by a sudden jerk: The phonograph needle jumped. To be displaced vertically or laterally because of improper alignment: The film jumped during projection.

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Computers To move from one set of instructions in a program to another out of sequence. Games a. To move over an opponent's playing piece in a board game. Slang To be lively; bustle: a disco that really jumps.


To leap over or across: jump a fence. Slang To spring upon in sudden attack; assault or ambush: Muggers jumped him in the park. To move or start prematurely before: jumped the starting signal. To cause to leap: jump a horse over a fence. To cause to increase suddenly: shortages that jumped milk prices by several cents. To pass over; skip: The typewriter jumped a space. To move a piece over an opponent's piece in a board game, often thereby capturing the opponent's piece. To leave a course , especially through mishap: The train jumped the rails.

Slang a. To leave hastily; skip: jumped town a step ahead of the police. To leave an organization, for example suddenly or in violation of an agreement: jumped the team and signed with a rival club. To seize or occupy illegally: jump a mining claim. The act of jumping; a leap. The distance covered by a jump: a jump of seven feet. A structure or course from which a jump is made: built a jump out of snow.

Sports Any of several track-and-field events in which contestants jump.

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Informal a. An initial competitive advantage; a head start: got the jump on the other newspapers. Energy or quickness: "We got off to a slow start. We didn't have any jump, and when we did get things going, we were too far behind" John LeClair. A sudden pronounced rise, as in price or salary. A step or level: managed to stay a jump ahead.

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  • A sudden or major transition, as from one career or subject to another. One in a series of moves and stopovers, as with a circus or road show. Computers A movement from one set of instructions to another. An involuntary nervous movement; a start. Often used with the. Idiom, jump the shark , after a episode of the television series Happy Days in which the character Arthur "the Fonz" Fonzarelli makes a show of bravery by jumping over a shark while on water skis considered as an improbable and absurd plot incident marking the moment at which the series began to decline.

    Film intr of a film a. Military tr US to promote in rank, esp unexpectedly or to a higher rank than expected.

    snagexgedu.tk Automotive Engineering tr to start a car using jump leads. Bridge intr bridge to bid in response to one's partner at a higher level than is necessary, to indicate a strong hand. Law jump bail to forfeit one's bail by failing to appear in court, esp by absconding.

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    Film films a. Computer Science computing another name for branch 7. Compare high jump, long jump. Switch to new thesaurus. Moro reflex , startle reflex - a normal reflex of young infants; a sudden loud noise causes the child to stretch out the arms and flex the legs. To move off the ground by a muscular effort of the legs and feet: hurdle , leap , spring , vault.

    To move in a lively way: bounce , bound , leap , spring.

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