Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)

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DB — You will see. I will promise on my sons tomb that I will Kill you guys and spread your body all over Korea. Hasun turns around to face Kyu. Flashback to Kyu telling Hasun that he will go to Daebi and get her confession. HS — Chisoo, he said that. Is that true? HS — When Jang gave me your message that the arrow head he found in the house was fake evidence. You guys did that much but still could not catch Jinpyung. Kyu — My resignation letter.

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I will quit. Daebi and Shin CHisoo now know about the King and the little prince.

Jools Sinclair: Demons, Clowns, and Zak BagansWelcome to Hell!

My existence will block your future. I will take care of all my sins. HS — It is not your fault, it is not your fault, it is my fault.

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As the King. Stop taking all the blame by yourself. It is a cruel position.

Flashback to Hasun and Kyu talking about this same thing. Kyu tells him that the King eats people and draws blood.

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It is the position of an animals that cuts all human ties. You have to give up everything, including your heart and only live for your country. HS — You were responsible for all those cruel things. Shin Chisoo thought you were playing the King. But I do not even guess how you did it, but it hurts my heart so much as to how difficult and lonely you were.

I cannot even imagine it. HS — How can I be afraid of you or suspect you? I trust you. With the arrow head, I was impulsive so you wanted to help me, that is why you did it right? HS — I am not going to grant your resignation, if you really think I am the real King, then protect this country and the people in it with me. HS — I was afraid. Whoever becomes the King and enjoys the power then they will change their personality and go crazy. I know it so well.

Whoever becomes the King enjoys the power and is taken over with it. I know that well. I was afraid that you would become like that also. If I failed again. Now I know, Hasun, you are different than him. Kyu — Your highness, I will nto be afraid anymore. I will fullfil your duty as a follower and trust you. Please forgive all of my mistakes. Hasun gives him a respectable bow to the floor at the same time.


It is almost like he is accepting being the real King at the same time. Later on, we see the politicians walking to theh court. Hasun opens the scroll, it is in Mandarin. Man — If you take her down then you will be the worst son in the history of Joseon. It will taint your kingship. One side all opposes it. The other side tells him that Daebi tried to murder him and used Jinpyung to do it and also tried to have a coup. What if Daebi works with other bad people?

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  7. Kyu — Your highness, Daebi is the head of the coup. She denied the mother and son relationship so you should remove her and make her leave the palace. Kyu goes back to his office. Are you okay? The man says okay and then gives Kyu a letter from one of their members in hamgyong Northern Korea.

    Hurts Like Hell Lyrics

    VO — Thank you for telling me what is happening at the North Border. I will quit my position and go there soon. Until that time, report to General Kang. Elsewhere, Sowoon holds the outfit that she made for her father. Aeyoung is so sad that she was not able to give it to him. Sowoon asks Aeyoung to ask hr relatives to put these clothes on him when they do the funeral. A court lady comes in and tells her that the King granted the removal of Daebi. Aeoung says that he is getting revenge for your fathers death. Sowoon wants to see Daebi, they need to stop her from leaving the palace.

    Aeyoung asks why. Sowoon says, if Daebi is removed then it will be huge trouble for the Kings politics. She gets up and walks determinedly to see Daebi. Daebi is in her room looking at bloody clothes. It looks like these are her sons clothes that are folded nicely in a carved wooden box. DB — My prince, I wanted to get your revenge. But with their evil plans, I am adding even more of a grudge to it. But killing my father, I will not let that pass. So, I wanted to remove you. But for the King, I did not do it. DB — So now you tell me what you think, that is better. SW — For the King and the country and to prevent even more trouble.

    If you pray for your son and father to go to Heaven, then I will pray for you so that all your sins you commited here are removed. DB — Queen, who is the sinner? How can you be responsible for not being a proper mother of the country. SW — I will not conceal my sin if you ask for punishment and responsibility. I will do the same.

    Clowns help fellow clown who crashed car into pole

    DB — I am not going to do it. Asking the low class clown to keep my seat? Being forced out is better. Now you have improved in politics. Sowoon leaves. As she walks out, she sways as if she might collapse. Aeyoung holds her and motions for the other servants to stand behind her. Cut to Daebi leaving the palace. All the scholars bow along the street and tells her that she should not leave. Daebi walks into her new house or maybe her family house? She is basically under permanent house arrest there. In the palace, Kyu talks to Hasun very respectfully behind closed doors as if he is the real King.

    Mooyoung and Jo are all like, what is going on? Kyu — With China and the Jurchens, the war is encroaching. So I want to quite my position as secretary of state and help the border. If you give me anything then I will do the best. Kyu — I know my position is important, but the more urgent issue is the border.

    Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series) Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)
    Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series) Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)
    Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series) Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)
    Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series) Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)
    Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series) Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)
    Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series) Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)
    Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series) Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)
    Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series) Kissed by a Clown (Welcome to Hell Series)

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