Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2

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Introduction to Research for Midwives. Colin Rees. Oxford Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Sally Collins. Myles Textbook for Midwives. Jayne E. Jean Rankin. Fundamentals of Midwifery. Louise Lewis. The Light in the Window.

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June Goulding. Active Birth. Janet Balaskas. Writing for Nursing and Midwifery Students. Julio Gimenez. Shadows Of The Workhouse. Jennifer Worth.

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The Midwife's Pocket Formulary. Liz Davey. Labour Midwifery Skills. Alison Edwards.

New to the Edition: An updated design for easier access to information Drug names in running heads for easier reference The latest information on the impact of prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbs, and street drugs Updates to existing drug monographs Key Features: Evidence-based, current information on over drugs, diseases, vaccines and syndromes Dr. Written by leading midwifery academics, each book in the series provides a user-friendly source of information which has been fully updated thruoghout to reflect the latest evidence-base for current practice.

Now with an improved design to make learning as easy as possible, each paperback in the series focuses on the importance of communication and comtemporary women-centred care and presents helpful 'scenarios' to encourage debate and reflection. Helpful 'jigsaw' approach enables readers to explore specific topics from a variety of perspectives e. This updated 4th Edition of Susan Ricci s practical text provides students with the essential information they need to care for women and their families, and also to assist them in making the right choices safely, intelligently, and with confidence.

With integrated case studies and nursing procedures throughout, the text takes a nursing process approach, builds on previously mastered content, and includes much that is new, including increased coverage of the cultural and global aspects of maternity and women s health care. Up-to-date Nursing Procedures provide clear, step-by-step explanations, along with illustrations of variations in nursing care, to help students master vital skills.

New Bringing It All Together Case Studies begin in the end-of-chapter worksheets and unfold online, providing extended opportunities for students to connect learning to practice. Concept Mastery Alerts improve students understanding of potentially confusing topics as identified by Lippincott s Adaptive Learning Powered by prepU. Updated Teaching Guidelines, now with rationales, prepare students to educate families. Additional evidence-based research findings promote evidence-based maternity nursing practice and interventions.

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Learn more at www. The partograph helps caregivers detect whether labour is progressing normally or not, indicates when augmentation of labour is appropriate and assists in recognising potential problems before they occur. Each title covers one important topic, and has been written by a specialist in that field.

The series follows a consistent format and covers issues such as key ethical and legal considerations, relevant legislation, case studies, and practical applications. Thoroughly updated and highly illustrated, the book shows how to tailor one s care to the suspected etiology of the problem, using the least complex interventions first, followed by more complex interventions if necessary. This new edition now includes a new chapter on reducing dystocia in labors with epidurals, new material on the microbiome, as well as information on new counselling approaches specially designed for midwives to assist those who have had traumatic childbirths.

2nd Edition

Fully referenced and full of practical instructions throughout, The Labor Progress Handbook continues to be an indispensable guide for novices and experts alike who will benefit from its concise and accessible content. This text reinstates psychosocial issues as a primary focus of care, together with clinical excellence. Family-centred care is a familiar phrase in today's maternity services, with professional guidelines and hospital policies including the term in their care protocols; however, few definitions, and no specific standards, for family-centred care exist.

While all caregivers and care services are likely to define their care as sensitive to women's needs, and family-centred, the actual implementation of a family-centred approach - despite it being a current fashion in care - is still inadequate. This book clearly defines family-centred perinatal care, and outlines how truly family-centred care can, and should, be implemented, and how, and where, this has been done.

This book will be a complete game changer and I will be recommending it to mums-to-be from now on' Sarah Turner, author of The Unmumsy Mum Expert hypnobirthing teacher and founder of The Positive Birth Company Siobhan Miller has made it her mission to change the way women around the world approach and experience birth. Through her teaching she seeks to educate and empower women - and their birth partners - so that they can enjoy amazing and positive birth experiences, however they choose to bring their babies into the world. In this book, Siobhan debunks common myths about hypnobirthing and explains why she believes it can make every type of birth a better experience - from a water birth at home to an unplanned caesarean in theatre.

So, what is hypnobirthing? Essentially, it's a form of antenatal education, an approach to birth that is both evidence-based and logical.


Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2

Hypnobirthing certainly doesn't involve being hypnotised; instead, it teaches you how your body works on a muscular and hormonal level when in labour and how you can use various relaxation techniques to ensure you are working with your body rather than against it , making birth more efficient and comfortable. Siobhan's advice and guidance will change your mindset and enable you to navigate your birth with practical tools that ensure you feel calm and in control throughout. By the time you finish this book you'll feel relaxed, capable and genuinely excited about giving birth.

It provides clear guidance on the factors which predispose to complications so that preventative management can be employed whenever possible. Broad-ranging yet easy-to-read, Midwifery Emergencies at a Glance details the underlying physiology and pathophysiology related to the emergency and explores both the physical and psychological care of the woman, partner and newborn during and following the emergency.

Key features: Evidence-based, with guidance from the NMC, RCOG, NICE, and The Resuscitation Council Presented in an innovative, visual style that makes the key concepts easy to understand Provides helpful websites that expand on various topics as well as providing information on support groups for the woman and her family Midwifery Emergencies at a Glance is an ideal guide for practising midwives, pre-registration student midwives, general practitioners and junior doctors to support both revision and clinical practice. The scale is now in use around the world and this book is a practical guide to using the scale in clinical practice, its origins and development background.

This second edition has been revised and contains much advice based on years of experience. All chapters and references have been updated and the chapters on screening and counselling have been considerably revised, the evidence base on interventions for perinatal depression is provided, plus details of innovative methods such as internet-based therapy. Text boxes make the text accessible and user-friendly, and case studies and summaries put the material in practical context.

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Additional readings encourage readers to further research and reflection on their own practice. Presenting information on what to expect during each stage of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery, this completely revised edition includes new photographs and illustrations, updated resources, information on homebirth, water birth, and more.

The book reflects the latest research on the physiology of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and combines time-honored teachings with the most current obstetric techniques.

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This essential reference empowers birthing helpers and parents to create a truly woman-centered birth experience. This truly comprehensive text covers basic female anatomy and physiology; philosophy of midwifery; maintaining maternal and fetal well-being; prenatal skills; making contact with clients and establishing care; prenatal fetal development and maternity care step-by-step through each trimester; problems associated with each trimester; problems that can occur at any time; and medical conditions that may preexist pregnancy.

Holistic Midwifery, Vol. This long-awaited second edition covers fetal and maternal anatomy relevant to labor and birth; the Cardinal Spiraling Movements of Birth including summaries of all eight formal positions for vertex, face, brow and breech presentations ; straightforward and complex labors; well-baby and high risk newborn support; and transport procedures.

It contains pages of text on labor and birth and is designed to complement Anne Frye's other publications. Now available in paperback, this beautiful volume is a welcome addition to any midwifery library. A clear, gentle and loving description of the process of a homebirth, with charming illustrations — perfect for satisfying a child's curiosity about how babies are born.

Hypnobirth involves preparation for childbirth using tried and tested hypnotherapy techniques in harmony with midwifery best practices and increasing numbers of women are turning to the technique. Written by two experienced practitioners, this is the first evidence-based practice book for medical professionals on this subject.

Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal: Volume 2 by Elsevier Health Sciences (Paperback, 2009)

Chapters include coverage of:. Throughout the book the authors provide health professionals with information and evidence-based findings to support the use of hypnobirth. The book includes case studies, scripts and reflective questions to encourage a deeper understanding of the techniques and issues and to engage and inspire the reader. Hypnobirth is essential reading for midwives, obstetricians, student midwives, doulas and any practitioner involved in preparing and supporting pregnant women for labour. Infections Affecting Pregnancy and Childbirth.

The UK report, 'Saving Mothers Lives', highlighted an alarming rise in the number of maternal deaths attributed to sepsis.

Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2 Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2
Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2 Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2
Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2 Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2
Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2 Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2
Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2 Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2
Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2 Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2
Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2 Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2
Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2 Midwifery Essentials: Antenatal E-Book: Volume 2

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