Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition)

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Finally, I present art therapy as a form of social action, and propose a concrete course of action research on artistic process and exhibition with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal young adults in Montreal. Throughout the discussion, I draw attention to the interdisciplinary nature of this enterprise, notably to the points of contact where art therapy meets anthropology, social action and museology.

Having been born in Montreal to a Swiss mother and a Bulgarian father, I have indeed retained only a few fragments of stories relating to my cultural origins, with a legacy tied to World War II on the French-Swiss side, and to political tensions between Turkey and Bulgaria at the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

A kind of silence had been broken surrounding a traumatic experience related to the imprisonment in Turkey of my grandfather, a Bulgarian diplomat, which began when my father was only one year old and continued for ten years. My family had to flee from Turkey and settle in Bulgaria. I recognized the importance of this silence as a means of protection; nevertheless, it seems to have prevented the wound from being treated at any deeper level, for I even recognized it in myself.

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For me, the result was a global vision of the world, but one that was perhaps also a bit naive. In an ethnocritical reading of narratives about the founding of Canada, the anthropologist Gilles Bibeau makes note of the paradox, well known in anthropology, between the importance for a given society of being able to ground itself in a founding narrative, and the recognition that this narrative inevitably includes invented elements or even outright lies.

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This anger existed alongside other historical elements like the establishment of the residential schools, which were supposedly intended to remain in service for only 20 years, in a vision of forced assimilation which was meant to be completed by the end of the 19th century. However, the population of status Indians in Canada tripled in the 45 years from to , from , to , Savard and Proulx, Furthermore, a number of prejudiced attitudes tied to an often racist and marginalizing historical context seem to persist towards Aboriginal people in Quebec and the rest of Canada, according to psychiatrist Marie-Eve Cotton As an empty page, it cries out to be filled, in order to reduce its menacing nature.

What we must do, then, is draw on the otherness of the other to destabilize what we think of as certain, and open ourselves to our necessary position as a stranger in the therapeutic context, and to the stranger in ourselves. We must also allow the other to explore his strangeness in regards to his own culture, even as he reintegrates himself within it. What role can art play in this context of intergenerational disconnect? Cultural transmission and intergenerational disconnect: the role of the art object Globalization and the society of the object With regards to nostalgia for the traditional past, Jean-Paul Desbiens draws parallels between the experience of Aboriginal people and that of Whites p.

For older people, it is perhaps more a matter of nostalgia. Indeed, modern man as a whole is nostalgic, for he has been uprooted. What Desbiens seems to be illustrating here is thus the impact of globalization and the society of the object on Aboriginal people. This violence that people turn against themselves, especially young people, is certainly less disturbing to our societies than the violence of street gangs who attack their wealth and collective property. She approaches the design object as a place to learn about Aboriginal peoples and their modern way of living.

She put together a project integrating objects used by Aboriginal people in their contemporary daily routines, including a plastic bag from the Northern company, used by Inuit in Nunavik, as well as a photo of a cemetery in Inukjuak showing plastic flowers. Objects were approached as places of knowledge. This leads us to the experience of creating the object, and the knowledge communicated by that experience through the object. Vollant also tells of racial tensions experienced in his community, which he attributes to ignorance. He also notes the very high rate of suicide in his community.

He concludes by saying p. As an individual, you ask questions, and collectively as a community we also ask questions.

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And young people represent the majority of the population. Die Deutschen jedenfalls nicht. Lachen verbindet die Menschen weltweit. Die einfachen Fragen lauteten: Welches Volk kann Mitmenschen am besten zum Lachen bringen, und welches Volk kann dies eben nicht — jedenfalls nicht so gut? Was darauf rund Die Amerikaner dagegen gingen aus dieser Umfrage als klare Sieger hervor. Auf Platz zwei und drei folgen die Spanier und die Italiener. Der Gedanke, dass das Volk der Dichter und Denker ernster daherkommt als andere, ist nicht neu.

Nicht der einfachste aller Jobs. Mit dem Unterschied, dass wir am liebsten lachen, wenn die Arbeit erledigt ist, wohingegen es die Briten vorziehen zu lachen, anstatt zu arbeiten. In a comparison of 15 countries, they came in last. Laughter brings people together around the world. But there are differences in what different cultures find funny—and whether other countries can laugh about those jokes too. In a new worldwide survey, the social networking platform Badoo tried to find out which country is the world champion of comedy.

The answers that came back from 30, people around the world are no laughing matter for Germans. Americans are the clear winners In a comparison of 15 countries, Germans came in last. Voxy propose aux entreprises une formation An.

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The key to success is consistency. It's just that simple. In the words of Uncle Luke, "Don't stop, get it get it! I am ecstatic about losing 20 pounds! I have scrapbooked for more than 15 but only recently have I discovered the online world of challenges, design teams and the best friends a girl could ever ask for. As a scrapbook artist I would have to say I don't have a "style" as such except that I do include ephemera into my work almost every chance I get. I have had a whirl wind of an entry into this supportive community and have been blessed enough to have been given opportunities to teach all over Australia at expos, in local stores and scrapbooking retreats.

I am also a part of the Aussie kit club "Scrappy Chat Designs" and lastly but certainly not least I am part of a wonderful Polish challenge team called Scrapki-Wyzwaniow. In I'll be joining a couple of new teams so keep an eye out for those announcements.

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I write a regular article for Scrapbooking Memories magazine in Australia and have had the privileged of collaborating with so many wonderful artists on many different projects including the e-book " 80 Artists Around the World ". I look forward to sharing with you all my passion for creating. Mon truc ce sont surtout les pages, je tente un peu de minis et de carterie de temps en temps.

Mes sources d'inspiration sont diverses, surtout les blogs, Facebook et maintenant Pinterest I started scrapbooking around , just on a whim, a desire to make a memory album of photos. And looking on the net, I came across some scrapbooking creations and fell in love with all these wonders! A passion was born. I have a rather free style; I particularly like embellishments, different materials, stamps and all in high relief and clustered together it seems!

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My thing is mainly the layouts and I occasionally like to try out small scale work and card making. My sources of inspiration are varied, especially blogs, Facebook, and now Pinterest. Dans la vie, je suis enseignante et je vis dans le nord de la France. Je suis maman de 2 ados et de Scrapbuttons , la marque de scrap un peu folle qui fait des produits pas comme les autres!

Hi, I'm Ginivir. I work as a teacher and live in northern France. Karine Cazenave-Tapie, fell into scrapbooking after the birth of her son, Maxence, now more than 13 years ago. Holding a degree in Business Administration, she embarked on her own professional adventure in , collaborating with several scrapbooking magazines and developing her own workshops: Les Atelier de Karine. She has travelled all over France and abroad to share her expertise and her love of colour and textures.

Today Karine has been scrapbooking for over 13 years and continues to put on her workshops and provide her expertise all over France and Europe. New projects and partnerships are expected for Stay tuned! Specializing in papercrafting, especially cardmaking, Kory also creates mixed media assemblages and collage. My earliest memory is covering little boxes with paper and making little houses for Christmas decorations.

The Musical! Vous pouvez la suivre sur son blog : www. Over the last couple of years she has made fewer appearances at workshops and on line because she has embarked on a new adventure: training as an art therapist. However, she continues to meet many scrapbookers at courses, workshops and craft fairs, taking pleasure in sharing this passion of hers which she still feels after all these years.

Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition) Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition)
Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition) Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition)
Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition) Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition)
Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition) Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition)
Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition) Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition)
Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition) Mon expérience d’Art-Thérapeute (French Edition)

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