Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)

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In the museum, you see a daily life of a well off Castilian family in the 16C and 17C showing public and private spaces.

Francisco Ibáñez, autor de Mortadelo y Filemón - Cómic español TBO Tebeos (1977)

It has an important library section with previous editions of his work in all periods and all languages, including the first part of El Quijote edited in Lisbon in From the entrance garden of Cervantes, the central courtyard is reach. This is a traditional element in the Alcalainas houses. It has eight columns of granite and limestone with Corinthian capitals, on the ground floor, while the upper floor shows the balustrade and the wooden pillars.

It stands out in the courtyard in a corner, the original well of the house in an octagonal shape. The courtyard is passed to the podium or room of the ladies, a very characteristic room of the time, where they sat on the floor on cushions and rugs, to read, sew, pray, play music or chat. The furniture is of small size, like footstools, boxes, small desks. There could be some low stool for the Knights, who only entered here if they were invited.

Mortadelo y Filemón (Comic Book) - TV Tropes

The Noble Room is where visitors were greeted, you can see arm chairs or friars, with leather backing, buffets or tables and large braziers to warm up the stay in winter. The buffets were covered with cloths, as well as the walls with fine decorated sheep skins.

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Leaving the courtyard, a hallway takes us to the pharmacy or chamber of Rodrigo, father of Miguel de Cervantes, who was a surgeon doctor. The dining room , which at the time there were no proper dining rooms, but the table was available in the meeting room, and so was the dressing room to eat.

After eating the utensils of the food were removed, mainly plates and spoons, some Becket, the candlesticks to illuminate with candles the dinners, or a brazier to warm up in winter, which in this case is polygonal. Once again, all objects are originals of the golden Ages.

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Kitchen and wine cellar , which, if you are a Spanish or Mediterranean visitor will be familiar in many of its objects, as it was in the 16C has remained until today in many rural areas of Spain. It has been arranged giving a very vivid image of how life was then, centered in the kitchen, to the point that when in the house many times slept there. In the winery, once restored, audiovisuals are projected on the life of Miguel de Cervantes.

And of course ,why this why all the talk about a house a museum in little Alcala de Henares; well because the Don Quijote of La Mancha was a novel written by the Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Published its first part with the title of the El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha at the beginning of , it is the most outstanding work of the Spanish literature and one of the principal of the universal literature.

In appeared its continuation with the title of Segunda parte del ingenioso caballero don Quijote de la Mancha. It also had a English dub that only released in the United Kingdom. In he made a proper feature film, El armario del tiempo. Mission: Save Earth by Miguel Bardem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Mortadelo. For the magazine, see Mortadelo magazine.

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It was just the main characters. Every comics strip had from one to four pages.

Throughout the years, the characters have evolved. At first, Mortadelo used to wear a bowler hat. He used to wear some disguises. He was known for his shapeshifter abilities. He also "founded" the TIA. With those changes, the comics books were much longer pages by comic book. Watson Mortadelo. The comics books are known for its slapstick comedy.

It is not unusual to see the characters being injuried or hurt.

Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition) Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)
Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition) Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)
Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition) Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)
Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition) Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)
Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition) Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)
Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition) Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)
Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition) Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)
Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition) Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)
Mortadelo de la Mancha (Spanish Edition)

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