Por las vereas del cante (Spanish Edition)

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Cante: Jacobo Palma 7. Cante: Naike 8. Cante de Levante. Cante: Naike 9. Acerca de Ritmo Flamenco Rhythm This collection is made of 11 volumes: 8 of dansing, playing 'toque' and singing; 1 of singing; 1 of drums and 1 DVD. Ritmo Flamenco Rhythm is the definitive collection to learn the keys of flamenco: dancing, playing and singing. A easy learning method for all types of backgrounds.

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And ideal complement of flamenco from around the world for scholars and aficionados whor aspire to be interpreters of this unique art. A collection composed by ten CDs and a DVD to get started in flamenco, which tackles dancing as well as singing and guitar playing. Each of the CDs deals with two palos flamenco forms , and finally, the DVD features performances by first-rate bailaores flamenco dancers to illustrate the contents of the ten CDs. The first eight CDs are devoted to dancing, the ninth to percussion and the tenth to new flamenco.

First you hear the singing, the dancing and the guitar playing for each form. The following track presents a repetition of the same palo, but this time without the dancing, that is, just with the singing and guitar playing so that the apprentice dancer can practice. The third track reinstates the dancing alongside the singing, with the guitar playing removed so as to allow guitarists to practice. In the fourth track, it is the turn of the cantaor flamenco singer to practice, and the fifth track only includes the meter.

Each of the CDs also includes a final track in which the bailaores give a demonstration of the palo in question. CD 1: Tangos and Tarantos. Bailaor: Rafael Campallo. Bailaor: El Torombo. Bailaora: Adela Campallo. CD 8: Tangos and Barberas. Learning method in Spanish, English, French and Japanese. DVD Compatible with all countries.

Remember Manual de Falla. Besides the Herrero's virtous guitar, the the attractive side is given by the choosen instruments to colour all compositions: the celo, the oboe, the violin, the saxo soprano, the harmonica, the flute, the saxo alto, the quena, the piano, the base, the battery, the bongos, the "palmas", the "tablas", the zarb, the "pandero", vocals' percussions, the flamenco voice. Great musicians collaborating with Oscar, creating in this way a small sonorous world for each theme.

The result is a apparently easy when you first hear it, but listenning ti it again and again you discover its secrets.

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Oscar Herrero also included another CD with all themes as solo guitar. There is no confusion: here the guitar is the king. Torrente is a display of traditional flamenco guitar. Congas: Tito Duarte. Cante: Carmen Linares, Gabriel Moreno. Bajo: Alejandro Vaquerizo. Mimosa Farruca 4.

Espejo Siguiriya 8. Espejo Siguiriya Los Portales - Solea por Buleria. Tornasol - Granaina. Algarabia - Buleria.

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Mimosa - Farruca. Paraiso - Rumba. Espejo - Siguiriya. Que me venga a ver Siguiriya 8. Fernando Terremoto 2. Jose Vargas el Mono 3. Tientos-Tangos 4. Antonio Reyes 5. Chano Lobato 6. Antonio Reyes 6. Antonio Reyes 7. Chano Lobato Directed by Manuel Morao. Guitarists: Juan Morao and Diego Amaya.

Fandangos de Huelva - Jarrito 2. Sevillanas Corraleras - Bernardo el de los Lobitos 4. Mirabras - Rafael Romero 5. Romeras - El Chaqueta 6. Verdiales - Bernardo el de los Lobitos Soleares - Pepe el de la Matrona Siguiriyas - Rafael Romero Livianas - Pepe el de la Matrona Serranas - Pepe el de la Matrona Nanas - Bernardo el de los Lobitos Peteneras - Rafael Romero Marianas - Bernardo el de los Lobitos Antologia del Cante Flamenco. This collection is made up of 23 Cds' recorded in DDD. It is recommended by the supreme Cristina Hoyos, who presents each step in the traditional 'Flamenco Palos ', with a brief introductory comment.

The tablao is the genuine cante and baile school. The second CD anaylses this form at different speeds, so as to teach students never lose track of the meter. Salida 4 Segunda Parte. Primera Letra 5 Tercera Parte. Segunda Letra 6 Cuarta Parte. Falseta de Guitarra. Salida 11 Segunda Parte. Primera Letra 12 Tercera Parte. Escobillas 13 Cuarta Parte. Falseta de Guitarra 14 Quinta Parte. Segunda Letra.

Escobillas 15 Final. It features all the flamenco rhythms, played with rhythmic hand-clapping and the flamenco box-drum. Baile Completo 2 Tanguillos. Carmen Reina Guitarra: R. Rodriguez y J.

Quevedo'El Bola' 5. Caracoles 2. Guajiras con baile 5.


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Fandangos de Huelva con baile 8. Caracoles sin baile 2. Guajiras sin baile 5. Fandangos de Huelva sin baile 8. Sevillanas sin baile Content 2 Cd's This CD contains versions of the most basic and traditional dances. Aimed at elementary level flamenco students, this CD contains choreographies of the dances, with simple lyrics for singing and without falsetas variations to complicate the guitar playing.

The first CD includes dancing, whereas the second one only features accompaniment. A very useful CD for students of flamenco. Tarantos 3. Bamberas 4. Tangos 5. Zorongo 7. Directed at intermediate level learners, it contains two CDs the first one has the dance and the second one is just the accompaniment to the dance. This second volume raises the level of study a little, it includes the martinete and tarantos styles, which are the next step for the student and for those already initiated in flamenco dance.

Medium level and medium-high. Specially suitable for the learning or improvement in the guitar and in the dance. The second one is dedicated to the study of the taconeo a rhythmic combination of sounds made by stepping with the heel of the foot and includes escobillas a section of the dance that includes the zapateado, a rhythmic combination of sounds made by stepping with the toe, sole and heel of the foot in three speeds, to practice all kinds of taconeo without interruption.

The hand-clapping by Manuel Salado and Juan Reina is indispensable to follow the meter. Rhythm Only 11 Caracoles. Rhythm Only 12 Caracoles 13 Caracoles. This CD is ideal to practice your dance, guitar playing, etc. Tono de Tarantos Subida Moderada Tangos Subida Seguiriyas, Serranas Seguiriyas, Serranas Subida Moderada Guajiras, Peteneras Guajiras, Peteneras Subida Moderada This CD has been created for dancers who have very fast footwork.

Por las vereas del cante (Spanish Edition)
Por las vereas del cante (Spanish Edition)
Por las vereas del cante (Spanish Edition)
Por las vereas del cante (Spanish Edition)
Por las vereas del cante (Spanish Edition)

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