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Sable Starr – The Reigning “Groupie Queen” of 1970s Rock

As the only two-time world champion, with 29 successful title defenses, I'd imagine that Aries learned what it took to be champion. I'm sure he also learned what it's like to carry himself as champion. You don't see Aries walk to the ring swinging the X Division title over his head like some people.

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Aries knows how to treat a championship belt and is a good pick to represent a company. Aries is one of the best in-ring and mic workers, is a credible champion, and has the look to be champion and possibly carry a company. A lot of people write on his Twitter complimenting matches he worked or the cape he wore to the ring.

At Bound For Glory, Aries was one of the top fan favorites. Later in the night Starr was scheduled in a match with HardKore Champion Jace Gryphon which would end with Starr being disqualified after interference from D.

Leaving both champions confused by the actions. The following show Christian Starr would successfully defend his newly create City of Angels Championship finally pulling the wind out of Max's sails in his hunt to regain his lost title. There was no interaction between Starr and any of his new found advisories on the show but the four men were booked in a tag team match at the following show, Isolation.

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After losing the love of her life Keylan, Starr loses all compassion and want to have a better life. She returns to Atlanta from Miami and immediately begins to play hard in the streets. Finding love once again in her ex Quad, Starr begins to contemplate doing right again but suddenly truths are revealed, friends becomes foes, and lives are lost.

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Will they succeed or will she become the Reigning Starr that no one believed she could be? Walk with Starr as she takes you on a journey where the girls go just as hard as the boys.

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Women Who Reign: Monica Starr Feldman

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Reigning Starr Reigning Starr
Reigning Starr Reigning Starr
Reigning Starr Reigning Starr
Reigning Starr Reigning Starr
Reigning Starr Reigning Starr

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