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Turkey in the Straw. B:George P.

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Knauff — Virginia Reels , vol. II Baltimore, USA, western North Carolina. Blech and Gerry Milne take this to mean that the tune Richmond was a vehicle for the cotillion, an old dance form. Austin himself learned the tunes from a prominent fiddler in the area by the name of Will Heffinger. Christeson Old Time Fiddlers Repertory , vol.

Ford Traditional Music in America , ; pg. Songer Portland Collection , ; pg. Spandaro 10 Cents a Dance , ; pg. Learned from his father. See also listing at:. T:Richmond Cotillion. It was perhaps miss-named on the recording, but no-one knows what the original title might have been.

One part. T:Richmond Hill [2]. T:Perthshire Hunt. This is a polka version of "Richmond Cotillion. Source for notated version: Clark Kessinger W. Canada, Cape Breton. Composed by fiddler Brenda Stubbert b. The tune was published in Scotland around by John Clarkson Jr. Canada, Ontario.

D Major most versions : C Major Hardings.

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Standard or ADae some Southern versions, e. Tommy Jarrell tunings. The particular Rickett honored in the title was a circus promoter, one John Bill Ricketts, a Scots immigrant who came from England in and flourished in America through the 's till about , when his Philadelphia enterprise was destroyed in a fire on Dec.

He reportedly delighted his audiences by dancing hornpipes on the backs of galloping horses Tribe , and toward the end of his career hired another famous American hornpipe dancer, John Durang, to produce pantomimes for him. The earliest appearance of the melody, finds Jabbour, was in Alexander McGlashan's Edinburgh-published Collection of Scots Measures of , with the notation "danced by Aldridge," a reference to the great Irish-born dancer of the late 18th century Robert Aldridge see note for "Aldridge's Hornpipe".

Krassen states that "Rickett's," common in the British Isles, is very popular in the Appalachians albeit slightly less so than "Fisher's Hornpipe" which is easier to play , although in the South the tune lost all connections with the hornpipe dance, and is usually played at the same pace as a breakdown.

Rabbit in the Pea Patch / Rickett’s Hornpipe – Slower Than Dirt

It was also popular with northeastern U. It retained its popularity into the 20th century and was cited as having frequently been played for country dances in Orange County, New York, in the 's Lettie Osborn, New York Folklore Quarterly. At mid-century it was one of the tunes often in the repertories of amateur fiddlers throughout the country, as, for example with Buffalo Valley, Pa.

Bonner was the youngest son of immigrants from Arranmore Island, County Donegal Beaver Island was destination for a number of Arranmore families , and the Donegal fiddle tradition can be heard in his playing. Tucker b. It was played by R. Adam, ; No. American Veteran Fifer , ; No. Bayard Dance to the Fiddle , ; No. Cazden, ; pg.

The Devil's Box , pg. Ford, ; pg. Howe School for the Violin , ; pg. Howe Diamond School for the Violin , ; pg. Kennedy Fiddlers Tune Book , vol. Krassen Appalachian Fiddle , ; pg. Lowinger Bluegrass Fiddle , ; pg. O'Malley, ; pg.

Bill Keith Banjo Tribute part one, Rickett's Hornpipe & Black Mtn. Rag

O'Neill Krassen , ; pg. Robbins, ; No. Sym, ; pg.

Ricketts Hornpipe Ricketts Hornpipe
Ricketts Hornpipe Ricketts Hornpipe
Ricketts Hornpipe Ricketts Hornpipe
Ricketts Hornpipe Ricketts Hornpipe
Ricketts Hornpipe Ricketts Hornpipe
Ricketts Hornpipe Ricketts Hornpipe
Ricketts Hornpipe Ricketts Hornpipe

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