Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9

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Oahu is known for quick bursts of rain, but rarely will it ruin a day on the island. During these shoulder seasons, attractions are less crowded, festivals are plentiful and airfare and room rates are at their lowest.

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Where to stay: There are many places to stay in Oahu Hawaii. There is a wide range of hotels, from budget to luxury.

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Finally, for a budget hotel, try the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. Dress is smart-casual on Oahu, but do bring a light sweater or wrap. Water shoes, sunscreen a sun hat and a great guide to Oahu are a must! Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Robert is a storytellers and guide at Oahu Ghost Tours. He was born and raised in the Kapahulu area of Oahu.

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  8. I will tag along with a friend once or twice for the free samples though to confirm my suspicions! That alone would scare me away. If they can sell you a whole lot more stuff, they can accept lower profit margins on goods in general. My wife is very pro-union and will not let us go to Walmart. Money is not always the bottom line.

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    Hi Root of God From your comparison,i think you did not take in consideration the quality factor organic food. When it comes to quality , customer service and membership advantages ,IMHO, Costco is the best choice. You know, I did. As long as you are OK with large amounts, that is.

    Here are some thoughts:.

    Just peruse that site for a few minutes and you realize how much they offer. From coffins to Super Bowl tickets, they have an immense selection. I wad born frugal and love analyzing these sorts of things. If I cherry pick I can usually find something cheaper -somewhere-. I guess we are fortunate to have several stores that are consistently much lower priced in general. One of the reasons I choose Costco is because of the positive way they treat their employees. One of the reasons I like Costco is because they have a very, very generous return policy which works very well.

    I buy most electronics, a fair amount of clothing, rugs, bedding, sports equipment etc- for instance I bought my outdoor patio set from them this summer. I like knowing that I can return things even a year or months later, if I am unhappy with them. I bought some boxes of potato bacon soup and after trying one we found that no one liked it, and I was able to return the unused boxes with absolutely no questions asked. Costco is lowest for some things, Aldi for many others — but I have Trader Joes and a Stop and Shop a major grocery chain in new england within a mile of my house — so I sometimes balance price vs convince for certain items.

    I thought was more current, but am sure the general idea still applies!

    I would feel weird taking an item in for a return more than a year after buying it. Yes, I agree about noral wear and tear, and I have not ever actually returned anything after more thatn an mont or two. I just like the security or it. Also, I bought a faucet for a bathroom redo that has not happened yet and it is likely that I may return the faucet eventually.

    I still like to feel good about where I shop — saving money is important to me but as other here have noted, I choose to put my money where my social values lie. And as many other have pointed out, Costco does save significant money if you know your prices and choose wisely. Sounds like you have made up your mind, though!

    They are hiring a higher caliber of employee than Wal-Mart is, and it really shows. But what do we as a society do with the lower caliber employees? And do we need high caliber employees to do low skill jobs? I completely agree that working at Wal-Mart is far better than being unemployed. The fact that many Wal-Mart employees are also receiving government benefits, contrary to how many interpret this, should not be taken as a slant against Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is paying their employees what they are worth in a free market i.

    Do you think that Costco is throwing money away by paying their employees more than Wal-Mart does? And pass the savings on to the consumer and shareholder. I loved the printer ink refills they offered! Costco gas prices are the best in my area, too. However, the crux is that I make up my membership fee just in samples. The key to shopping at Costco is to always stick to your list, try to only buy things on sale, and make a lunch out of eating samples. Even though you will have to go to other stores to get all the other stuff on your list, going to Costco is just plain fun.

    I was really looking forward to the samples but it was a disappointing venture for us. Tiny slice of quesadilla and a little piece of cheese.

    Henderson County Public Library

    I do want to point out that just because WalMart is cheapest, does not mean you are doing the socially responsible thing by shopping there. Growing in an expensive greenhouse locally vs. And Mexicans need jobs too way worse standard of living there vs. The best thing I can say in defense of Walmart is that they are bringing low costs to millions of consumers that are struggling financially in America. Stores around walmart also offer lower prices because they have to compete.

    And Walmart does donate, regardless of what your hear. I used our Costco Visa, and that added 2 years additional years of full warranty to their already awesome 2 years of coverage. That said, we make sure to price check when we are there, which is rarely. Our regular grocery shopping is at WinCo, which is regional to the Northwest I believe. I find their computer prices variable and they tend to sell older models. I have shopped at WinCo in Arizona, the land of cheap groceries, and was not impressed with the prices or the quality. Before I forget, Costco has excellent prices on car rentals through their travel site.

    Yeah, up here in western Washington state groceries are not cheap. In eastern Washington, produce is practically given away. I usually get electronics around Black Friday when everyone runs insanely good deals. Sounds like they offer savings similar to Aldi. Our previous laptop needed surgery to repair a broken power input jack.

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    I brought it to work and had one of the techs take care of it, put it all back together and it worked! Except…for the keyboard. In my part of California we have a fabulous store called Grocery Outlet. They get many items nearing the expiration date. The owners are local residents and give back to our community. And their employees are super nice. They are my first go-to for food shopping. There are items at Costco I find are cheaper. As you stated the paper towels and TP I do have the space to store , the Parmesan cheese, garbage bags both for kitchen and yard waste, coffee, large bags of nuts, eggs.

    As a small business owner I am able to expense that fee.

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    I wish we had something like Grocery Outlet here in Raleigh. It was mostly junk food though, very little in the way of fresh, whole ingredients. Walmart has a serious supply chain problem. Frozen items are often old and freezer burned. Produce is limp and overpriced. The lines are long and the clerks rude. Paper towels are generally cheap, except when Costco has a good sale. Costco is good for gas, tires, cat litter, the occasional rotisserie chicken, and this year, strawberries. Paper towels and toilet paper are cheap on special, average the rest of the year. The vanilla extract is very good, but has become pricey.

    They are moving to a lot of expensive prepared foods, which, based on the samples, are just awful.

    Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9 Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9
    Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9 Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9
    Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9 Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9
    Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9 Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9
    Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9 Shop at Doles: Tales from Aisle 9

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