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The 10 Most Convincing Bigfoot Sightings

Finally, the terror-filled trek came to its end. That much was made clear when the mighty creature relaxed its grip on the sleeping bag and let it drop to the forest floor. When daylight came the next morning, Ostman found himself surrounded by a family of Sasquatch, which he described in detail.

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He managed to escape after six days. Read the story of Ostman's adventure with Bigfoot at Mysterious Universe. You can read Albert Ostman's complete account here. Customization and personalization available.

Get Your Photo Taken with Bigfoot!

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We hope you like what you see! Please share: Tweet. Bigfoot or big fake? And Russians call them Almasty.

But in the scientific laboratory, these elusive, hairy, humanoid creatures are nothing more than bears, horses, and dogs. Supposed evidence for Bigfoot and its ilk comes from observers who spot apelike creatures darting through the woods or who find giant footprints in the mud.

Beyond Bigfoot: Rediscovering 60 years of Sasquatch stories - comlunchsalsearchsal.ml

Bigfoot believers have various ideas about what the animals are, often revolving around the survival of a prehistoric humanoid. Yet many sightings have later turned out to be hoaxes, and scientific support for the existence of the primates is scant. In , researchers at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and the Museum of Zoology in Lausanne, Switzerland, put out a call for hair samples thought to be from anomalous primates.

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  • They received 57 hairs from Bigfoot enthusiasts and museums around the world, including samples from Washington, Texas, Oregon, Russia, and India—a few as old as 50 years. The researchers, led by Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes, focused on the remaining 37 samples, isolating and cleaning a 2- to 4-centimeter segment of each hair, many of which have been extensively handled by people, contaminating them with foreign DNA.

    To identify the evolutionary source of each sample, the team determined the sequence of a gene—found inside the mitochondria of cells—that encodes the 12S RNA, which is often used for species identification. Unlike standard DNA, mitochondrial genes are passed only from mother to offspring.

    Of the 30 that were sequenced, all matched the exact 12S RNA sequences for known species , the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Ten hairs belonged to various bear species; four were from horses; four were from wolves or dogs; one was a perfect match to a human hair; and the others came from cows, raccoons, deer, and even a porcupine.

    Two samples, from India and Bhutan, matched polar bear 12S RNA—a surprising finding that Sykes is following up on to determine whether some Himalayan bears are hybrid species with polar bears.

    By Meredith Wadman Jul.

    Taken By Bigfoot Taken By Bigfoot
    Taken By Bigfoot Taken By Bigfoot
    Taken By Bigfoot Taken By Bigfoot
    Taken By Bigfoot Taken By Bigfoot
    Taken By Bigfoot Taken By Bigfoot
    Taken By Bigfoot Taken By Bigfoot
    Taken By Bigfoot Taken By Bigfoot

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