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It is best to begin picking your hamster up just above your lap or some other soft surface in case it falls or jumps. As your hamster gets more comfortable, let it crawl from one of your hands to the other and over your arms. You can continue to offer treats, though your hamster may not be as interested in treats when there are new things to see and explore. There may be a time you need to pick up a hamster that hasn't been tamed yet, such as to clean its cage.

To do this, place a cup or cardboard tube with paper stuffed in one end to close it off on its side in front of the hamster and gently herd it into the cup or tube. Most hamsters will walk right into the cup out of curiosity. This can be really stressful and cause your hamster to resist handling even more, so if it is necessary to use this method, take extra care to be as gentle as possible.

If your hamster bites you while you are handling it, know that it didn't mean to hurt you. The hamster just felt threatened. Try not to overact by yelling or harshly moving the hamster.

If you do, it will become scared of you. Instead, calmly place it back in its cage and wash the bite with soap and water.

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Read More. The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our. Further decreases the range at which wild creatures will detect you. Allows a Pathfinder to tame more powerful Creatures. Unlocks Feeding Trough. Feeding Trough. Allows a Pathfinder to imprint on more powerful newly born Creatures. Allows a Pathfinder to give commands to more powerful tamed Tier 2 Creatures.

Gives access to the crafting of Cargo Saddles for transporting Weapons and goods. Tier 2 Cargo Saddle. Further increases the damage boost provided by the Nature's Cry Feat. Nature's Cry Riding Tier 2.

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Gives access to crafting of Carriages for transporting people and high-ranking diplomats. Tier 2 Carriage Saddle. Further decreases the range at which wild Creatures will detect you. Further increases the amount of affinity gained by feeding in-progress tames. Taming Tier 2 Taming Proficiency. Further increases the healing bonus provide by the Nature's Touch Feat skill.

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Nature's Touch Breeding Tier 2. Further increase the damage boost provided by the Nature's Cry Feat skill.

Reins of a Tamed Bloodfeaster

Riding Tier 3 Improved Nature's Cry. Allows a Pathfinder to tame the most powerful Tier 3 Creatures. Allows a Pathfinder to give commands to the most powerful tamed Tier 3 Creatures. Allows a Pathfinder to imprint on the most powerful of newly born Tier 3 Creatures. Improved Taming Proficiency Riding Tier 3. Further increases the healing bonus provided by the Nature's Touch Feat skill. Improved Nature's Touch Riding Tier 3. Golden Age Spawns have had their spawn interval increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and increased distance from players from to Magical tames can no longer be used in boss fights and will be destroyed when used inside the dome Drakes.

Fixed an issue with Wild and Tamed Dragon scaling which would have cause it to have incorrect stats. Fixed an issue where players may not have been able to feed bola'd creatures due to a desync on servers. Fixed an erroneous feat cooldown time calculation, now all the feat cooldowns are what was originally intended. Summoning the Kraken now only require the first 8 Power Stones Ghostship powerstone is no longer necessary. Fixed Whale AI to target the ship or player more, rather than the point the player touches the ship. Reduced trample damage for all applicable creatures. Removed "Giant" prefix from creatures' descriptive name that use it.

Changed "Giant Snake" descriptive name to "Cobra". Prevented some creatures from not being able to be tamed if they are clipped too far into terrain or structures. Increased Ostrich melee swing socket radius to more consistently land attacks. Updated Ostrich IK to prevent leg distortion when running down slopes. Wild land creatures will no longer target crew, tames, or characters on ships unless they have been aggro'd.

Killing the Monsterous Sperm Whale or Blue Whales as they're now named provides one-time 50 Discovery Points each to everyone within k units of that event. Updated Mounted and Rider buffs to display icon while active, to better inform players the source of stat boosts.

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Dolphins now periodically leap out of the water. If you're nearby to witness that at close-range, you'll gain a temporary Intelligence buff! Updated creature specific buffs and ability value clamps to be scaled across levels, due to recent extra 30 level ups for tames.

Increased Wolf attack destination offset and increased some physics bounds to reduce clipping into players.

Temporarily increased Wolf saddle scale in the engine to limit fur clipping. Updated taming ineffectiveness values to allow the highest efficiency to only be achieved with Taming Proficiency skill 3. Adjusted Seagull and Crow aggro speeds Would previously take a long time to de-aggro. Updated collision to allow player attacks to land more consistently. Updated Vulture AI to only target sleeping humans if the player is connected.

Updated attack logic to better harvest corpses, while reducing its melee swing radius Was previously hitting from very far away.

Reduced Bee movement to allow player attacks to land. Reduced sting buff duration to better reflect its size. Increased harvest amount of fur and milk from Sheep and Cow to incentivise taming and better compete with natural resource gathering amounts.

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Updated max yield timings to scale with creature level, similar to other creature abilities, instead of food value. Clamped amount of fur gained from harvesting wild Sheep, again to incentivise taming. Wild Sheep will also flee and may attack players after excessive shearing. We'll be adding recipes in an upcoming update which can be used to heal your creatures! Creature health regen rebalanced and changed so that they no longer regen health when forcefed or from consuming corpses.

With the exception of Wild Carnos, which still can consume corpses to heal at a reduced rate. Wild Scorpions will no longer target large creatures, will no longer be aggressive towards Elephants, Giraffes, etc. First, you'll need to unlock the Hunter Ability Beast Master. It's a Tier 3 ability, so you won't be able to unlock it until Level At first, you'll only be able to tame Wolves.

At level two, you can tame Lynx, Leopards, and Lions as well.

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