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Lorimer Market’s Legacy of Italian Food

I would love to see a story about my aunt who lived in that house since she was born. Her name is Filomena Esposito,Thank you for your consideration. Previous post For the Love of Condi.

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The Lorimer Legacy (Lorimer Family Series #2)

USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Volume Two of the dramatic saga of the Lorimer Family A Legacy may be of great value and still bring bad luck Although Margaret Lorimer has made her own way as a doctor, she does not at all approve of the ambitions of her beautiful young ward Alexa. Being an opera singer is considered a disreputable career for a young lady. But Alexa has inherited a superb voice from her Italian mother, and is determined to have her way, even if it means travelling abroad. And she has also inherited a legacy from the father she never knew - a legacy which will bring her no happiness.

The Lorimer Legacy is the un-put-downable second volume in the Lorimer series which chronicles the lives and fortunes of this vibrant family from the s to the s. Product Details About the Author. She was a scholar at St. Hugh's, where she read modern history. She died in Born in Harrow, Anne Melville was the daughter of the author and lecturer Bernard Newman and the widow of Jeremy Potter, novelist and historian. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. She's a nerd in nerd's clothing, easily identifiable, so why is a prince attracted to Alexa had been adopted by Margaret nine years before.

After barely supporting herself as a doctor, Margaret had returned with her ward to live in her childhood home, Brinsley House, which stood high above Bristol and the gorge of the Avon, a monument to the wealth of the Lorimer dynasty. Alexa knew that the move had been made so that she herself should enjoy comfort and young company. The house belonged to Margaret's elder brother, William Lorimer, whose ownership of the Lorimer shipping company had made him as prosperous as any other in the long line of slave-trading sea captains, merchants and bankers from whom he was descended.

William had never made any pretence of liking Alexa. But he had always disapproved of his sister's determination to qualify for a profession and earn her own living.

The Future of Legacy Giving: a Conversation with Gen Z

His position as head of the Lorimer family made it necessary in his eyes that as an unmarried femaie Margaret should become part of his household. By allowing her young ward to share the schoolroom of his own children, he had been able to force on his sister a situation more easily approved by Bristol society. Like true brothers and sisters, they had had their likes and dislikes amongst each other. Beatrice, sharp-featured and sharp-mannered, had never accepted the intruder, although they were close in age. Alexa for her part tried to make friends, but was defeated by argument and sarcasm.

Beatrice was clever, and took pleasure in leading Alexa's quick but less logical mind up knotted by-ways before laughing at her for a fool. Arthur, the youngest of the three, was clever as well, with his father's quick wits and eye for a profit. He could see how to make money in any situation, and only Alexa's lack of pocket money when she was younger had prevented her either losing it to him or else, according to Arthur's mood, seeing it invested in some scheme which would double her fortune.

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They were friendly enough, but Arthur was too young for a real intimacy. Alexa's relationship with Matthew, the eldest of the trio, was of a different kind. It was his overt admiration of her looks which was no doubt responsible for some of Beatrice's jealousy. Three years Alexa's senior, he had protected her when she arrived at Brinsley House, fending off Arthur's boisterousness and Beatrice's unkind criticisms. Alexa recognized the affection which he never put into words, and was always happy in his company.

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The prospect now that she would be left to entertain him during his visit while Margaret worked gave her nothing but joy. When Margaret turned to leave the drawing room, Alexa held her breath. Surely the surprise she had arranged would be noticed at last. Yesterday the end wall of the room had been empty, but on it today hung a picture in a heavy black frame. It was the portrait of an old man. There was vigour in the firm features, and his eyes stared sternly out of the canvas, confident and commanding.

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Alexa found his expression tantalizing, for there was a hint of kindness mixed with the severity. For when she caught sight of the picture, Margaret seemed to be not so much surprised-as-shocked. She stared at it for a long time before turning slowly back to face Alexa.


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The Lorimer Legacy The Lorimer Legacy
The Lorimer Legacy The Lorimer Legacy
The Lorimer Legacy The Lorimer Legacy
The Lorimer Legacy The Lorimer Legacy
The Lorimer Legacy The Lorimer Legacy
The Lorimer Legacy The Lorimer Legacy
The Lorimer Legacy The Lorimer Legacy
The Lorimer Legacy The Lorimer Legacy
The Lorimer Legacy

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